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          Digital festival brings higher education to disadvantaged youngsters


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          Cardiff University is running its first online festival to support disadvantaged young people from a variety of backgrounds into higher education.

          In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Gŵyl eCampws festival – delivered in collaboration with the 萨顿信托 and 第一校区 - will offer innovative online activities to 16-18-year-olds as part of a two-week programme.

          Bringing together University staff, students, educators and young people, Gŵyl eCampws builds on the University’s successful widening participation activities and is aimed at helping prepare students for 大学, developing skills and showing the benefits of higher education.

          Shaped by the young people themselves, the festival will focus on five areas which reflect their own needs and interests.

          萨顿信托 project works with 16-17-year-olds interested in medicine, and will offer tailored advice for medical applications and interviews whilst also providing insight into the course.

          加紧, the University’s flagship project for 16-17-year-olds from South East Wales will base activities around group research and an academic conference led by Outreach Tutors.

          见解 is for students holding an offer to study at Cardiff University in September and will see festival-goers working in groups to solve a challenge, developing essential skills to help them prepare for 大学 life.

          发现 is for young people with autism spectrum conditions. 该 main activity will use Minecraft to teach students about 大学 life.

          该 第一校区 Team will also run a festival project specifically for young carers from Wales.

          Across the five events, c.400 young people from around the UK are expected to take part.

          Claire Morgan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and 学生们 at Cardiff University said: “We are working in difficult times and the impact of Covid-19 on some of our most vulnerable young people has been significant. It is now even more important that we support those young people into higher education and their transition and plans for the 未来. I’m looking forward to welcoming the groups of young people to our festival and seeing what they are capable of achieving.”

          Alongside the main programme, students will be given general information, advice and guidance to support their journey to higher education.  

          该 Festival also includes a variety of social activities for students to join, such as a live theatre stream night, virtual quizzes, online yoga and fitness classes, podcasts, vlogs, virtual tours of Cardiff and the 大学 campus, and festival links to music and comedy sessions.

          Support will also be offered to the parents or guardians of those joining the festival.

          Speaking about the Discovery Programme, a parent of one of the young people involved said: “Thank you so much for keeping these Discovery sessions going. Charlie is very black-and-white about Coronavirus and has refused to leave the house since lockdown began. 该 发现 sessions are the only real interaction he's prepared to engage in with people outside the house, so we really appreciate the fact that he can keep having this connection, even if you're not seeing his face!

          “What you and your project are doing is fantastic and makes an immense difference to young people's lives. I just wanted to make sure you know how valuable what you do is, and how appreciated the time you put into it is.”

          Gŵyl eCampws starts on 27th July 2020. Further information on the festival is available here: //ecampwsfest2020.sched.com/info


          We aim to offer flexibility and choice in our programmes, as well as developing additional routes of entry.

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